User Friendly Program

This is the most important thing in order to make the program achieving the objective. Here is one example:

Locate 5,1,I:”JRK=”:”BRG=”>DMS_

It will then output Bearing and distance answer simultaneously without need to prees EXE twice.

This will really help save time at site. In CASIO BASIC today function such as LOCATE, GETKEY will make the program more user friendly interface.


Land Surveyor in Malaysia

Malaysia has a regulation that need title survey to be approve by either a Director of Survey or Licensed Land Surveyor. Whilst other survey not required the approval but sometime may need approval by related body such engineer. This scenario make split the Land Surveyor in Malaysia into ‘LS works’ or ‘construction works’. Some of them have the ability only in either one but a lot of surveyor also able to do both.

Title Survey is just become complicated in tooooo much procedure introduced may b by the regulation itself than expand from day to dayby the need from the civilian to make sure everything is clear and will be no argument for the boundary after Certified Plan has been issued. The procedure is that something make it look boring for me and that why I choose construction.

Both title and construction world occupy by ‘Free Lans’, License Land Surveyor, Consultant, the construction company itself and also by the government (Title-Jupem, JKR-also have their own surveyor technician).

How casio influencing the surveyor…? Is there is no other programmable calculator to be used..? Is the Calculator is really the need in todays surveyor..? I think a calculator in todays surveyor is just for + – only. Built-in program in total station and data logger in windows mobile plattform…..yes they are replacing the job of programmable calculator. 

Casio is a machine

Casio is a machine may b used by million of people in the world. Land Surveyor is a part of them used this machine for office and site used. FX603P model is known by most of the surveyor in the world.

Unfortunately this model which was introduced in 1994 now is not in production anymore. People sometime sell the 2nd hand unit up to RM1000. I am not sure for what people want to buy it for that price. If they are going to buy for a collection, then its good because they can show to future people about how nice this machine. But actually most of the people outside there, I mean the land surveyor, they ar buying this model because they cannot change. For them only that calculator give them the shortest way to do work. People takes time to change….but for them who still wan to stay….until when they can stay??

People now start to move to windows mobile…but sometimes this colourful touchscreen might be a pain for them who working under the sun radiation, but for me its not bad. The HP48GX which has RAM card for survey that can be use as data collector now also difficult to get in our country. Here I am inviting people to develop something on this new ultimate machine FX9860G….It may be possible if someone who really want to make this as data logger as a lowcost model.

I think I develop well in casio basic..but still can make improvement to provide 3D calculation…here I was upload a PDF file for my program collection.



 Casio 7400G/9860G Land Surveying Program was Uploaded to casiokingdom

click here

Useful formula For Surveyor _ Bearing Distance

(latit/(abs(latit)) * arc cos(dipat/(sqrt(latit^2+dipat^2)))

this will return ….

same as polar function in casio calculator or atan2 function in excel sheet

Bearing – Bearing Intersection

y = mx+ c

m = gradient

c = y axes intersection.


15 responses to “Casio/Download

  1. can help me to covert casio 603p program to any new casio model

  2. casiolandsurveyor

    I can convert 603 to casio basic. I do it on 1 of my program for 5800P. I can help you but I cannot promise anything because sometime in my conversion I will change or skip something that may b make it no longer user friendly for the previous user in 603. you can email me the program I will try to convert

    sorry for late reply to your comment

  3. hi im looking for a program for my fx 7400, i need a radius setting out program that can give coordinated points along a curve if you could help me i would be very happy thanks

  4. casiolandsurveyor

    Hi Pedro,
    I was email to you that program in CAT file. it can make setting out for curve and spiral curve. Alternatively you can download another program from

  5. carlos m dela rosa jr

    good day… i am looking for a calculator with programs same application with fx603P calculator giving the distance, bearing, latitude, longitude, northing and easting. can u help me with it? thanks…


  6. casiolandsurveyor

    Hello Carlos, for fx603P replacement I suggest you to buy an fx5800P calculator and then download the program here:

    Learn in the manual and try to key in the program. But, I might consider if you want me to ship to you that calculator including program inside. Actually we have several other choice from graphical model that support Casio Basic.

    Currently I can sell on request fx5800P with program 110USD not included shipping cost.

  7. can anyone help me, i am a engineering student, i have a casio fx7400 G plus, i could not find a way to solve 4 unknowns linear equation. i.e.
    3x +2y – 4z +t =18
    -4x+12y-5z+4t =24
    5x-6y-7z+11t = 7
    12x-11y+4z+2t =34
    i can solve this but it takes a lot of time in my exams.if you help me i would be greatful.thanks for your time.

  8. hi,i have casio fx603p,can u help me find a program for curve calculatuions (simple,compound ,spiral).thanks.

  9. sir good day please help me I need a formula for curve setting out which an give coordinates any points along the curve thanks a lot

  10. sir good day please help me I need a formula for curve setting out which can give coordinates any points along the curve thanks a lot

  11. Hi, I have a Casio 603 P I want to find a formula for curve line setting out which can help a lot to me.Thanks a lot

  12. Hi,I am looking for a program to make setting out for curve and spiral curve~~
    Can you help me??Thanks a lot

  13. Zubair Hameed

    hi i have casio fx 2.0 plus i need survey program if have any plz send me by email id

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