SDR Mapping and Design software provides a complete solution for the surveyor and civil engineer. Individual modules integrate around one common database and graphical interface, making it cost effective, quick to learn and easy to use. Every day, this comprehensive software system is used worldwide in applications such as:

• Land subdivision
• Cadastral surveying
• Mining and earthworks
• Mapping
• Highway design
• Road reconstruction
• Monitoring surveys
• Site surveys
• GPS survey processing
• Quality assurance

Development by software specialists, and experienced surveyors and engineers with close links to users, has enabled continual enhancement of the system since first release in 1984. After a decade of development SDR Mapping and Design is very reliable, meeting a wide range of requirements and keeping pace with advances in computer and survey technology.

SDR Mapping and Design’s ease of use enables you to be more productive from day one, yet it is one of the most sophisticated and powerful survey and engineering software systems available. SDR Mapping and Design has the solution to all of your surveying and engineering tasks.


This software is still practical in use until now. It was discontinued may b because the original team was not together now. Infact the company itself was bought by other company. Below is 2 resource that I think shows clear to us why this software was discontinued. 


“Trimble also made headway into new markets in 1990 by acquiring a New Zealand company, Datacom Software Research Ltd., enabling Trimble to offer new survey and mapping software products.” (Trimble Web page)
“I am a Director of Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd, a Consulting Engineering and Surveying Company which in 1987 tendered for providing hydrographic services to the local Port of Lyttelton. To this end, we contracted Datacom Software Research Ltd to write a navigation and logging program utilising a Geodimeter 440 and Navitronic Echo Sounder. This software evolved to become Trimble’s ‘HYDROpro’.” (


The old version of HydroPro Processing module is exactly the same as SDR mapping software. The only diffrent is just for the hydro they used the term ‘channel’ instead of ‘route’

But at the beginning, I have read an article before that says Datacom bought the source code from the Foresoft company which later the source code become SDRMAP.

The SDR program was built for SOKKIA by Datacom then when it was acquired by trimble how sokkia continuing the software develoment in related to SDR?

Thus..nothing they have. SDR was discontinued. Sokkia develop their own Map Vista and so on.


4 responses to “SDR MAPPING

  1. I transfered the programmes in betweenthe calculateor 9860 and algibra 2.0+ through 3 pin cable
    While executing its indicating communication error
    anybody have an idia

  2. casiolandsurveyor

    hello sajeev

    1st of all sorry for late reply. Recently I am busy at my work. Actually algebra fx have diffrent file format with 9860G. You can transfer directly between 9860G and 7400G but cannot with algebra fx.

    But, by using fa124 file conversion you can convert 9860G file to algebra fx. you can see the manual fa124 page E47. I have try it and it works. Then you choose tool and chose model algebra open the file that you convert then transfer it via SB80 cable to algebra fx.

  3. Hello there,

    I think SDR Mapping & Design is quite good! the ony problem is that I don’t have an instruction manual for this software and therefore I can’t progress much.

    Do you have a Manual for SDR M&D (version 6.50)?

    It would be great fr me to be able to get a copy of it!

    If not, how could I learn some basics aobut it?

    Many Many thanks!


  4. Hubert M kalauni

    I wish to purchase a SDR map & design solfware, Please advise where I can find one
    Thank you

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